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Old Gogg Diddley Bo

Old Gogg Diddley Bo

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Old Gogg's Guitar's are made in the Black Country using basic hand tool's (no fancy machines here) and are based on the cigar box guitar's of the mid 1800s, they were mostly made around the Mississippi DElta area of America. 

The original instrument would probably have been a "Diddley Bo" which would have been made using a length of scrap wood with a nailknocked in each end, a length of bailing wire would be stretched around each nail, then usinga glass jar to wedge under the wire and pushing it up to one of the nails to make a kind of bridge, and a piece of hard wood would be pushed up to the other side to create a nut. The wire would then become very tight and be stuck with a stick, a glass bottle would then be used to slide up and down the wire to give a tune. 

Should you choose to buy an Old Gogg's Guitar, what you will definitely not be getting is a lovely perfectly made factory finished guitar with no blemishes or manufacturing marks and perfect in every way. What you will be getting is a totally new experince and a unique sound from a different era. 
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