Drum Lessons Kidderminster

Drum Lessons Kidderminster. Learn to play the drums today with one to one lessons from our Beryl Drum Experts. 

At Beryl Guitars we offer what we believe to be the very best in one to one drum lessons in Kidderminster.

Learn to play the acoustic, and electric drum kit today.

From rock, blues and pop to jazz, funk and heavy metal and beyond. You can also learn sight reading, ear training and music theory.

Professional drum lessons for all ages and abilities from beginner to advanced.

All ages, abilities and styles welcome.

Claim your free no obligation one to one drum lesson today with one of our dedicated Beryl Drum Experts.

There is not one person that we have been unable to teach to play the drums.

With drum lessons starting at only £9.99 per session what are you waiting for?

• All abilities welcome.

• Quality tuition in a relaxed environment.

• Available at a time and day to suit you. (Subject to availability)

• Customised to fit your own personal learning, interests and goals.

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