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Beryl has been in the music business long enough to know what musicians really need. That is why we offer many different lessons, provided to both professionals and nonprofessionals, including Beginner Singing Lessons, Intermediate Singing Lessons and Advanced Singing Lessons. No matter what type of musician you are or want to be, we’ve got you covered.

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At Beryl we specialise in offering a wide variety of high-quality and fully customisable lessons for all your musical needs. If you’re looking to start singing or want to improve your technique, contact us to receive a Free Lesson. Study with a professional musician to make sure you improve your musical abilities in no time!

How Can We Help You?

Our exceptional team of music professionals offer a variety of extra lessons meant to make our customers’ lives easier. Whether you already sing and want to improve your technique or have never held a microphone in your life, our professional instructors are here to help you.

Singing Lessons Kidderminster

Private Singing Lessons Kidderminster. Singing tuition in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, all ages and experiences welcome. Contact us now for your free first lesson.


We offer easy to learn lessons in a relaxed and friendly environment. With guaranteed results from our happy students, at Beryl we can teach you new skills to use as a singer that are helpful, useful and practical.


Learning to sing with us is easy and simple, just turn up and we will guide you through the rest. Here at Beryl Guitars we offer more than just traditional music lessons. We are extremely goal orientated and focus on your needs and wants. Our lessons are tailored made to each individual student. We also focus on how can we help you to progress the most in the least amount of time. By following the least path of resistance we can look at the nuts and bolts of your singing style and suggest areas for improvement. We work in a stress free environment to help build confidence and improve posture.


We are here to help you every step of the way. There is not a single person that we have been unable to teach to sing.